Start Your Own Church

Step One - The Call

Do you feel the call to ministry? Do you agree with our conservative-Christian values? If so, we can help you launch your ministry and become a part of our growing church and social service network.

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Step Two - Apply for Ordination

So you want to become a Pastor in the Christian Army Church? Apply and if you meet biblical requirements, believe in our theology and are willing to work hard, our church can use your God given abilities.

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Step Three - Gather your Flock

After you have been ordained by the Church Board, your goal is three fold. Gather your flock, launch your "Christian Cadet Program" and research the need for social services in your area.

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More Than A Church...

We are much more than your typical church. Yes, we hold worship services, perform baptisms and weddings. Our church strives to teach the word of God, provide a service to the community and be a solider for Christ to be used in his service.

The time of "passive Christianity" needs to end. For too long have we sat back and become somewhat irreverent socially and even politically.

We will teach the word of God, provide needed services to our communities and fight back against harmful liberal and government policies that attack traditional-Christian worldviews.

Are you with us? If so, then put on your "full armor of God" and jump into the fight for Christ and help us win the lost!

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Next Steps...

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