Our Issues with NAU and Professor Heather Martel

Fox News recently found a student was "singled out" for his Christian views and reading the Bible before class.

Mark Holden, a Northern Arizona University student was know for reading the bible before class and having Christian world views.

One day in February, Professor Heather Martel and Mark Holden got into a heated discussion over the issue of assimilation in American society.

According to the Fox News report, Professor Martel went into a rage against the bible, white men and Christian values.

As an example, he referenced a report about two Muslim men in California who reportedly said the Koran justified doing terrible things to women.“She told me I was a racist and she would not tolerate that kind of racism in the class,” Holden said. “I told her Islam was not a race and I was only talking about what the two Muslims men as individuals said – I was not making broad claims about Islam or my interpretation of the Koran.”

The class began to debate the statements of Mr. Holden and during this debate, Professor Martel's true sexism and prejudice emerged. Martel was recorded saying,

After a bit of back and forth, Holden said the professor told the class, “Welcome to Trump’s new America – where straight white males can say prejudicial things without being reprimanded for it.”

Professor Heather Martel, from all reports, has something against both Christians and white men in general. Sadly, in higher education these views are fostered and cultivated using tax payer dollars.

The Christian Army has sent a letter to the President of Northern Arizona University, the Board of Regents and the Governor's Office demanding an investigation into the actions, classroom statements and sexist statements of Professor Martel.

Please stay tuned for further developments.


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