CNN, NBC and Other Liberal Media Attack President Trump For A Profit?

Could National Media Be Attacking Trump Because Of Profit! What Does God Say?

In my lifetime, I have never seen so much hate, distortions and outright lies the media have attempted to hang around the neck of President Trump. So far, the national media such as CNN, NBC and ABC (including many others) have relentlessly painted Trump and his family with a false narrative and fantastic distortions despite a lack of evidence. However false, these attacks are now starting to take it’s toll and sidetracking his agenda.  Making matters worse, these Liberal Media sources are now turning huge profits based off of false media coverage and downright lies. So what does God say about this in the Bible?

Slander For Profit

God explains in Hosea, “A merchant, in whose hand are false and fraudulent balances; He loves to oppress and exploit. (HOSEA 12:7 AMP) The national media’s “balances” is paper and digital platforms this garbage reporting is written on. CNN and other media have become wealthy off false narratives of President Trump and other consertatives. This fact has recently be disclosed in the same media sources that distortions the Trump administration.

Recently on, Saturday Night Live had it’s best ratings in over two decades. This ratings boost came with huge financial gains for both the show and the NBC Network. Saturday Night Live has relentlessly turned the federal government into a punch line for laughs.

Of course, the show and others like it using false narratives to paint Trump as out of touch, a moron or simply uneducated. Sadly, these fraudulent attacks are a way the national news media are turning lies into a cash cow.

Attacking Christians With PC Culture

Liberals in the media attack President Trump using politically correct terms, idology and turning sound judgement on it’s head. When President Trump signed a travel ban focusing​ on Muslim countries he was attacked for simply protecting American citizens and interest.

Yesterday, innocent men, women and children were murdered in England after a Muslim bombed a consert.   For far too long the liberal and progressive media have turned their backs on the fact the Muslim religion is one of hate. Sadly, President Trump has attempted to protect Americans from this worldwide threat only to have his orders mocked in a court of law and public opinion.

Nevertheless, CNN and others are turning the good work of Christian consertatives who demand better vetting of Muslim into a discussion about discrimination, race and culture.

God warns us about those who would mislead people against truth. “Many will follow their shameful ways, and because of them the way of truth will be maligned.” (2PETER 2:2 AMP)

What Are We To Do?

We as true Christians must stand up against the profit hungery media outlets who distortion the truth for misguided earnings. We must also protect the truth against liberal media outlets who twist and turn truth into a rallying cry against the safety of our country.

Most importantly, we as a body of believers need to seriously think about attacking the advertisers bottom line who support liberal news networks. Yes, I mean boycott! Only when the profits dry up and and public pressure is applied will the distortions and lies against Trump and to our own public safety come to an end.

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