Australians vote “yes” to homosexuality and sin by a wide margin

A majority of Australians, 61.6 percent, voted in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage, according to results from a national postal survey. Opponents and major churches are, meanwhile, calling on free speech and parental rights on education to be respected.

Australian Catholic Bishops Conference President Archbishop Denis Hart said that even if politicians now move forward with legalizing gay marriage, as expected following the postal vote, this will not change Catholic understanding of the nature of marriage as a union between one man and one woman.


Anglican Archbishop Glenn Davies similarly warned that there must be respect for freedom of speech, conscience and belief for Christians and others who disagree with changing the definition of marriage.

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“The consequences then are — what happens to people who want to hold to that truth. It is one thing to say, for example, we don’t have laws against adultery in this country, but I still want to say adultery is wrong — it is immoral. I want to be able to uphold that teaching without the law saying to me — no, it is not illegal, so you can’t say that,” Davies wrote in a statement.

“At the moment that’s not the case, but the way in which we have seen in other Western Democracies, the coercive effect of changing the definition of marriage has been to restrict people’s ability to hold a different point of view,” he continued.

“And one of the outstanding points of democracy and human dignity — is the freedom of speech, the freedom of faith and the freedom of conscience.”

Australia’s ABC News reported that the “Yes” movement celebrated the result on Tuesday with confetti and rainbow flags.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull called it a great moment for the nation.

“This is just a great day, such a joyful day,” Turnbull declared.

Political leaders fail to account for biblical teaching when supporting laws changing fundamental definitions of men or women, husband or wife.

God forbids homosexuality (Rom 1:26-27) completely. God does not and never has conformed to society or social movements. Clearly, what is taking place in regard to gay rights in the Western world is not approved of by God and sadly, the countries that cave to the gay rights lobby will not prosper.

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